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What’s My Story?

I’m a mom and wife who cares very much about what my family eats and how my children respect others.  My passion is ETIQUETTE and NUTRITION.

My Boys

ETIQUETTE:  I am a certified Trainer from The American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia.   I have graduated the John Robert Powers Modeling and Development School.     I had my coming out as a Debutante in South Florida.   I am a Chairperson of my Town and  a Contributing Board Member of several Institutes.  I am a hostess in my home to many U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

NUTRITION:  I owned a restaurant and bakery for 7 years that had seating for over 100 patrons.  I developed a delivery service while running the restaurant which expanded into a 25,000 square foot  food commissary with a fleet of delivery trucks.  I specialized in upscale catering and released a meals on wheels program that delivered certified pureed foods to the elderly. I have been certified in food handling and hospitality.  I worked for Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and went through intensive restaurant training with this reputable company.

I am a native Bostonian and attended a University in Boston where I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  I worked for the Clairol Corporation, IBM and Head of Marketing at a South Florida Healthcare Company.

NOTE:  I am only an expert in being a mom that isn’t perfect, but everyday I try to improve my skills and my children’s knowledge of human decency and nutrition.


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  1. Cynthia Gaynor says:

    Are you planning on sharing any every day medical experiences regarding your children since you are a Mom with years of experience?

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