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Why is it that everyone gives everyone kisses upon greeting one another?  Is it half of a European greeting?  Even our President kisses almost every woman that he greets, YUK!  I am not a big fan of the kiss on the cheek ever.  Even at a functions in my house.  What happened to a proper hand shake.  Does it make a woman less womanly?

If you are like me, extend your hand with a stiff arm and step back.  Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid so grin and bare it.  Quickly take a step back so the person can hopefully understand you don’t like it.

If that doesn’t work, tactfully tell that person you just don’t like kissing on the cheek and it does not reflect my feelings towards the person.

If that doesn’t work: tell that person you are getting over a cold.

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  1. Anna Briskin says:

    I love your comments!!!

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