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Children’s Greetings

“Hi, How are you?”

How does your children handle a social situation?  My boys are in elementary school and it’s not always easy in social situation. So this is what I try and have them do whether it is a peer or a parent:

1. If you are seated, stand up and say hello

2. Always smile!

3. Look the person who is greeting you in the eyes(it shows confidence)

4. Put your right hand out and shake the other person’s hand firmly(don’t joke and squeeze so hard. That will give the opposite affect)

5. Say “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last name”.. Ask them how are you or who are you?”

6. If a friend in school says “Hi”, make sure you say “hi, how ya doing back.”

7. If someone says something mean, walk away immediately. DO NOT ENGAGE.(very difficult to teach that part).


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