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Gift for the Bar Mitzvah Boy-Oh Boy

This one is tough.  How do I say this politely, MONEY.  Sure I could be politically polite and say on the expensive end:  anything APPLE and on the budgeted end a pen, but why?  Boys like to collect money and spend it or save it.  I bought a boy gift this year.  An electronic microscope.  What a flop! I listened to a suggestion given to me and I knew the boy was disappointed.  Is it proper to give money?…YES. In a nice Event Appropriate card.(check, cash or gift card)

So the next question is how much?  Remember every family who invites you to their son/daughter Mitzvah party are at different levels of friendships.  Look at that closely.  Also, what type of party is it? Oh Money…what a tough topic.  I’m going to wait for the questions and comments before I start giving my opinion.

There is no rule, so it is entirely up to you. Let your affection for the individual being Bar/Bat Mitzvah make your decision.



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