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Is it OK to use EMAIL for an Event

Is it OK to use E-mail?

The first thing to remember about e-mail is that just because you can send an email, doesn’t mean you should. The more formal the communication, the less it is appropriate for email. A good “formality test” for email is this: if you would be comfortable extending the invitation over the phone, then e-mail is acceptable. E-mail is not the place for highly personal or delicate communications, which are best handled in a real-time conversation. Remember, too, that e-mails are not private. You should never put anything in an email that you are not willing to have the whole world read.

E-Mail No’s:

Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitations. You should always send each guest a printed invitation unless it is a highly unusual circumstance.

Thank you notes. You should send a handwritten note for each gift you receive. If you are behind, you can send an e-mail as a stop-gap measure to let the recipient know the gift has arrived and that you will be sending a formal note later.

When discussing personal or thorny issues. Email is not private and it is a difficult medium for working out compromise or resolving emotional conflicts. Better to use the phone or talk in person.

When the groundwork hasn’t been properly laid. While it is very

convenient to send out group e-mails about party related plans, make sure that

all the people involved are on the same page so you do not ruffle feathers or put a damper on the event


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