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To Stand or Not to Stand…

A time-honored display of respect is to stand when someone comes to the table.  Please teach your children this especially when a person is older than you.  It is as important as placing a napkin on your lap or having your child learn early to place a napkin on his/her lap.  If someone comes to your house, the host/hostess must go to the door and greet your guest.  I had an event at my house with a US Senator.  I greeted him at the door and walked him in to my livingroom.  My doorbell rang and my child saw I was busy. To my surprise he greeted the guest with a welcome and a firm handshake. My child surprised me.  Children learn from example.

When someone leaves the table, you do not have to stand.

How about at the theatre:  Stand if you liked it, sit if you didn’t; however, if you are the only one standing or about to stand-Don’t do it.  You will block the other patrons view and that is not polite.

On a Train or Subway: your child should never give up his seat.  If you are a healthy adult and an elderly or sick person needs a seat…it is not only polite, but a human act of kindness to give up your seat.


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