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What to say

Milestone events in one’s life effect beginning to end.  When I say end I mean Death. I have to compliment my husband on this part.  I miss him right now(he’s not dead) so I feel I have to say something about his greatest strengths.  He is a man of great compassion.  I don’t know if you know him or if he has touched your life at the hospital.  Yes, he is a Doctor.  The most important one in the operating room.  The one so many take for granted doctor that watches your back…THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST.  He makes the calls.  Did you know that?  He decides if there will be surgery preformed today.  He is the one that makes you feel comfortable, puts you to sleep and wakes you up.  What a tough position to be in.  So when I go to a funeral with him, I watch a man who never speaks many words to most,  be the most compassionate man in the room.  I ask, did he learn this in Medical School, did his parents teach him…How does it come so natural to him?

Here are some things to say and not say:

DON’T SAY                                            SAY

“He’s/she’s in a better place.”               I’m so sorry about your loss.

“Did he have life insurance”                  He was a man who took care of his family

“Call me if there’s anything I can do”    Can I bring dinner over tomorrow?

“It’s God’s will.”                                         She was an extraordinary person.

“I know how you feel.”                             Please know that I am thinking of you.

“Now you’re the man of the house.”     Your father/mother was an example for us all.

(Emily Post)

Remember, when you are at any event from beginning of life to the end, make believe everyone is listening because words do hurt!

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