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A Calling Card for Mom

How many times does someone ask you for your card while you are out in your gym clothes or sweat pants?  It happens to me all the time so I ordered calling cards.  It makes it easier to give to someone instead of looking for a pen and paper.

Another reason for asking for a card:  If you forget the persons name, ask for their card.  This helps with the awkward moment at school or at the supermarket.  You pull out your cell phone and ask what the other person’s telephone number is but to embarrassed to ask for their name.

Take a peek at the history of a calling card.

Calling Card Etiquette, 18-19th centuries

“Calling” was a somewhat ritualized version of the fine old custom of “visiting”. There were certain fixed rules laid down by society which might apply to a resident in a small town with the same force as in a large city.

• On making a first call you must have a card for each lady of the household.
• On making a call leave your card to the servant. You will be allowed to see the hostess only after she examines your card.
• On the hall table in every house, there should be a small silver, or other card tray, a pad and a pencil.
• When the door-bell rings, the servant on duty should have the card tray ready to present, on the palm of the left hand.
• A gentleman should carry them loose in a convenient pocket; but a lady may use a card case.
• If your card receives no acknowledgment, you must conclude that for some reasons they do not wish to extend their acquaintance.
• Do not examine the cards in the card-basket. You have no right to investigate as to who calls on a lady.
• A young lady can have a card of her own after having been in society a year.
• American gentleman should never fold the corner of his card, despite of the temporary fashion. Some European gentlemen, on the contrary, fold the upper right corner to indicate that they’ve delivered it themselves (the servant should never hand his master’s card folded).
• Fold the card in the middle if you wish to indicate that the call is on several, or all of the members of the family.

I’ll get to etiquette.  My advice with Invitations.  Send out a Save the Date first.  That way if your addresses are incorrect, it can be corrected before you send out the invitations.

Remember to work with people that are experienced, meticulous, and have a great recommendation.  I have not chosen one yet.


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