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A Card

Children will pick out and send birthday, holiday, or a thank you card. I’m hopeful the practice will continue but wonder how we can educate this new online age group to the importance of a hand written messages. I just think that taking the time to pick out a card, jot a message, attach a stamp and drop it in the mail is a gesture of appreciation.  An ecard is not a replacement.

We the parent need to once again lead by example.  Please,  I am a huge advocate of the paper card.  My grandmother never missed a holiday, birthday or a milestone moment in my life.  We, the parent,  can only teach appreciation by the way we lead our life. Children watch everything.

Cards are historic. They are a symbol of sophistication. A speechless act of intelligence.   A card that is made by a child and placed in an envelope or a card from the very finest stationery store is priceless.  How do you want to be remembered? By an act of kindness or by monetary nonsense…


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