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Table Manners: 101 for Children

So whether you are at home or at the White House, your children should know basic hygiene and rules of the table.

* When the adult calls for dinner or a time for dinner- They must arrive ready, hands washed with no electronics(DSi, DSiXL, PSP,PS2, Gameboy, Itouch, cell phone, house phone, NOTHING)on them.  No answering telephones calls or texting while eating.  This includes you, the parent.  Don’t answer the house phone.

* Always place a napkin on your lap. Girl-Napkin on both legs, Boy-Napkin on the right leg only

* No elbows on the table and try to sit up straight

* Always use your utensils and hold then properly.  This is the interesting part.  Take a look at your children and see if they know how to do that. Fork held up, like a pencil, knife blade down.

* PLEASE chew with your mouth closed and don’t talk with your mouth full of food.

* Share your day with everyone at the table, but if you have siblings, give them a chance too.  We were born with two ears and one mouth…which means= listen twice as much as you talk!

* Please try all food that is given to you at the table and if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself(you can always tell mom after dinner what your favorite meal is so she gets the point.)

* DO NOT yell, annoy everyone with hums or other weird noises, “gas”, or play with your food at the table.

* If you have a bodily function movement, ask to be excused.

* Always thank the mom or who ever made the meal.  If you really liked it, tell that person.

*  Please take your plate to the sink and offer to help out whether you have a housekeeper or not.  It makes absolutely no difference what economical level you are in.  Manners are for All children, no matter what family you are in.

* Remember, push your chair in after you get up from the table.


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2 Responses

  1. Darlene says:

    Excellent and realistic table etiquette tips. I am still looking forward to reading more on food staples for the house, recommended meal plans for the children and your grocery list. As a working mom who doesn’t go to many Mommy and Me classes, I will take any advice I can get!
    Thank you Beth!

  2. BethGeduld says:

    I am working on the Shopping list. Dinner ideas will be posted on Sunday; however, to get a jump start. Go out and buy a raw roast chicken.(5lbs., w/no antibiotics, no hormones and I prefer a chicken that is able to walk on a reputable farm. ) Look for a farmers market, Fresh Market, or Whole Foods. Set your oven to 325 degrees. It should be ready in 1-1.5 hours. Buy an oven thermometer(with food guideline). I pull out of the oven around 160. Pull the chicken leg to see how it separates from the rest of the chicken. There should be NO red inside.
    Broccoli and brown rice for Sunday dinner.

    When you clean up-debone the chicken and place in a tupperware.

    On Monday, you will have plenty for chicken sandwiches with mustard on Multigrain bread. If your children don’t like mustard and want Mayo, use in moderation.

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