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Who Do I Invite?

I keep receiving calls regarding who do I invite to my child’s Bar/Bat Mitzavh.  That being said, who do you invite to the party?


1. Invite the whole class even though there is a child in the class my child doesn’t like?

2. Invite everyone including this child?

3. Choose a different grouping of friends so you don’t have to leave one child out?



The risk is much too great to leave this one child out especially if  that child is in several of the same classes, neighborhood, groups or carpool.  If your child is not friendly or doesn’t know the child at all: NOT AT ALL (they have never spoken or interacted and have totally different friends) and you as the parent know it will not hurt the child’s feelings, then the exception is granted.

I have to say that the entire grade does not have to be invited, but be considerate towards others.  We the parent set the example and with so many parties occurring in the school, let’s all get along.  We teach our children,” treat others the way you would like to be treated”; hence, THE GOLDEN RULE. I know the parties can become extremely expensive, but I would rather tone down the party and make the celebration happy for all! Just think, you may help a situation your child or someone else’s child by setting an example.

With the BULLYING issues that are occurring throughout our schools, we the parent have total control and need to be extremely compassionate to one another!


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