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Etiquette: I wonder does anyone care out there?

I interact one way or another to so many people during the day; when I’m at school, supermarket, book store, restaurant, etc… and I know people want to be curtious.  Am I being hopeful? Am I wasting my time blogging about Etiquette for children when parents don’t act politely to one another?  What do I mean?  I went to Bal Harbour today.  A beautiful high-end mall.  I walked into Books & Books to by a book.  Great store, nice person at the register.  My day went down hill from there.  I ordered a coffee and everyone behind the counter was speaking spanish.(I do not know how to speak spanish)  No one said “Good Afternoon.” I went into a store to look  for a dress and the sales associate was on a personal call so she couldn’t say,”Hello, May I help you?”  Then, I tried to exit the elevator, but 3 people came rushing in which trapped me.

Etiquette NOTE:  The person in the elevator exit first.  The people waiting to go in holds the door while the person exits.

I was backing out of my parking spot and a vehicle came speeding behind me in the parking lot.  He beeped his horn to make me aware he was going first.

Etiquette NOTE:  If the car backing up is already pulling out, the car in the aisle must stop and allow the driver backing up to complete the task, first.

Etiquette NOTE:  Moms should try to keep moms informed about school and community matters!  It hurts another moms feelings when she is not in the “know”.  In fact, it makes a mom feel like people are keeping secrets which feels like lying.


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