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Money doesn’t buy you Manners.

Somewhere along the road, maybe it is from the “Gilded Years of Wallstreet” or the celebrity craze, we the parents have forgotten common manners and courtesy in everyday life.  This is a bad reflection on us the parents.  We are always being watched and heard by our children.  Sometimes I look around me and I cannot believe how people are so into having the “in” shoes, bag, clothes, car… Why?  We can’t take it with us and all those materialistic items get dirty, old and worn out.  I try and teach this everyday to my children.

When I went to South Africa and toured where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, the tour guy was so educated.  He came from nothing and was imprisoned in this jail for so many years yet he was so enthusiastic about his education.  I see this over and over again when I visit different countries.  Sure, it is impressive to see where the royalty live and look at the beautiful  jewels they possess.  But this man was fulfilled by EDUCATION which gave him self confidence and self-worth.

Why, when I go out my door is this so difficult to find?  I’m so disenchanted by society today.  Who cares about these materials? Why are we judge by how much money we have instead of what good we do or how much education we have?   I want my children to see success in education, achievement, community and the things that money can’t buy.

Etiquette NOTE:  It doesn’t matter how much money or how little , you still can have manners.  Proper manners are your doorway to respect in every situation in life.

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  1. Cynthia Gaynor says:

    I’m a mother and grandmother. My girls, as was so intuatively acknowledged in the movie, “back to the Future”, could not understand why their clothes that I either made or purchased at “Filene’s basement” in Boston, didn’t display significant “labels”. In the movie, the comment was made, “Hi, Calvin {for Calvin Kein} because thar was the name on the boys clothing. Of course, back then, if a name was embroidered on a piece of clothing it was yours. Commercialized produucts are a thing of today, a way to get advertisement without paying for it. Understand that is a good and bad thing, as it gets the “have to have it” ingrained in the minds of the public and that makes the economy profit, but it is also a pressure on parents to feel guilty that they may not be able to afford these labels vs. quality. The late century and the current millenium.

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