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If you see it, Pick it UP Please!

Good manners are recognized by everyone from the lawn man to your grandmother.  As I drive throughout my town, I see the lawn men picking up the leaves and garbage off the streets.  I also see many people not picking up after themselves which is your responsibility.  This includes teaching your children, housekeepers and friends that if garbage is on the ground, take a moment and pick it up.  If the garbage is really bad then tell someone who can help out by using universal precautions.

I know you may not be receiving compensation for this; however, it helps our environment and it is another act of human decency. Etiquette means having manners.  It’s simple.  If someone drops something, help them pick it up.  If someone has fallen, take a minute and ask if you may help them get up.  If someone’s hands are filled with luggage and they have children, ask if they need help.  If someone drops something and doesn’t know it, bring it to their attention.  If someone pollutes, ask them not too.


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