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Remember Mother’s Day

Here are some dates to remember in May:

• May Day (May 1)

• Brother’s & Sister’s Day (May 2)

• Teacher's Day   (May 4)
• Cinco de Mayo   (May 5)
• Nurse's Day   (May 6)
• Mother's Day   (May 9)
• Online Romance Week   (May 9 - 15)
• Hug Your Cat Day   (May 12)
* Cannes Film Festival    (May 12-23)
• Tulip Day   (May 13)
• Frog Jumping Day   (May 13)
• World Turtle Day   (May 23)
• Memorial Day   (May 31)
I would start mailing your Mother's Day cards this weekend!

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2 Responses

  1. darlene says:

    Thk u for the sibling and nurse dates!

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