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What to Wear

In todays society, casual has become common.  Appropriateness is governed by the area in which you live.  As an adult when I’m not sure what to wear I go for a classic look of conservativeness:  Black, White or Neutrals.  If it is unclear about the attire, always feel comfortable and call the event organizer or the host/hostess of the party.  That is why the name of the host/hostess is always on the invitation.

When your children are invited to an event, keep in mind who is sending the invitation and how it is sent.  An example-  A school event for a boy: a pair of khaki pants with a nice button down shirt with a belt works everytime.  For a girl:  a skirt with a conservative blouse, but express your daughters personality with accessories.  As a BASIC RULE FOR ACCESSORIES:  once you place your accessories on, take one off.  Less always speaks more.


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