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What is Social Nutrition?

What is social nutrition?  Well, it’s defined and made up by me.  Today in Atlanta, I realized during my certification lessons at The American School of Protocol that my passion with etiquette and nutrition are to be combined as ONE.  I call it Social Nutrition which means being socially correct around food and there is food everywhere! Children love food.  Parents love food.  They love to eat it, play with it and talk about it.  It’s social.

My realization today, in this new age of social media in which we live:  children, moms and dads , parents, they still need to eat.  This will never change and I am so very passionate about both.  I’m not perfect with both etiquette or nutrition, but not one day goes by that I don’t try to learn and improve myself.  Society today has become derailed by poor USDA nutritional guidelines and socially disconnected even though we have the most technically advance connection devices ever.

Social Nutrition is my passion which I am making every effort to pass on to my children. (Just like an heirloom) My children understand when we are around a table(table manners/table etiquette) that taking our time eating what is on their plate(nutrition) comes together every single day of their lives.

Parents, we need to get informed and pass it down, NOW!!!  Fast food does not have to be bad, but we need to think how to get food fast.  Children are going to text, facebook, chat and email; however, we need to show them from the start what is right and what is wrong.

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  1. darlene says:

    I hope you also can pass on safety tips. Like how some siblings wear the same colored shirts when they’re out, etc.

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