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A Delightful Dinner

So,  a close friend of mine had the honor of going to a dinner at the State Department in Washington D.C.  What happened at this delightful dinner was embarrassing to everyone at the table.  He sits down and the table is dressed for a 5 course meal with 300 guest.  The table was cramped so if one person takes the wrong napkin or uses the wrong trashcan plate(bread plate) the entire table is a confused.  Does this sound important to you?  Has this happened to you?

The person to your left uses your your trashcan plate(bread plate) to his right.  This continues to excelerate going around the table.  The last person ends up with no plate.  Then, my friend takes out his cell phone and texted me which is really bad table manners.  He writes,”is my napkin on my right or on my left because my left is missing”.  Now what?  I advised him to ask the waiter for a new napkin, but he didn’t.  He took the napkin to his right. Now he is getting the evil eye from a stranger that took his trashcan plate.

One of the most common mistakes at a dinner table is not using the waiter properly. We are always so worried that the waiter may do something to your food.  It will not happen so use your waiter in a polite and respectful way. If you drop your napkin, kick it under the table, please don’t pick it up and place it on your lap.  Utensils that have fallen stay on the ground.  Do NOT pick it up.

Table Etiquette:

A napkin is either on the plate or on the left side of the plate

Your trashcan plate(bread plate) is to your left.  Make a lowercase B with your fingers with your left hand.

Now, make a lowercase D with your right hand-drinks are on your right which stands for drinks.

Table manners matters and it should start today not tomorrow.  One day,  you don’t want to take your boss or future client’s napkin , RIGHT!

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