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Listen Up Parents

I’m not a psychologist, guidance counselor, judge or doctor even though I’m married to one.  I’m a Certified Etiquette Consultant from the prestigious American School of Etiquette who happens to be a mom and cares about our children in our community and schools.  I want to make sure that if a parent is having a difficult time with their child in school or at home whether it be by a bully on the bus or a group of children in the neighborhood that it is our responsibility as parents to come together to protect each others children.  Even if our children are not always right in anyone situation, etiquette for this situation means common courtesy for all.

Why am I saying this?  A mom who is in the community thought that since our children where not getting along that I would carry that “disapproval” towards the child.  There is NO WAY I or any parent should ever do that.  Are we clear?!  Parents, we may not agree with each other on everything, but if we don’t get a handle on our emotions, then our children are going to learn from us.

Etiquette:  Do not stand in judgement of a child.  If there is a problem, it will pass.  Everyone doesn’t have to be friends,but must be polite when in a social circumstance.

Manners Matter:  Take the high road and if you can’t, let someone else do the talking until you can get ahold of yourself.  This is a wonderful lesson to teach your children.

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