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Watch it, Teach it, Learn it

Watch it, Teach it, Learn it. That is what are children do everyday.  I read an article about cellphones behavior.  Cellphones have and are completely destroying us as a society.  We seem to not be able to ever put them down.  Many years ago,  we could turn it off or put it on vibrate for an appointment at the doctors, theater, food shopping, being with our children or family.  What happened? Blackberry has destroyed us and the IPhone has done us in.  Do you realize that we don’t look cool on our cellphones at lunch with a business associate or a friend?  Etiquette has gone right out the window.  Of course everyone knows to turn it off during important events, but how about the time in the car with you children or other members of your family.

If you’re not on call:  doctor, fireman, policeman, etc… Turn it off.  It can wait.  You don’t look important, you look rude.  Do you know a person is less productive for 20 minutes after an interruption from a cell phone call.  Today with our smart phones everyone knows you will have some type of stupid email-SPAM on it.  What is so important it can’t wait???

Our children are watching us so the next time you are at a school event or at the dinner table taking that call, you are teaching it.  “It” meaning the importance of that cell phone call over your child resulting in Learn it.  When your child is in school, at an event, driving, or out to dinner with someone the child has learned the poor behavior and bad manners.

Businesses have done studies showing that cell phone use has reduced productivity and are now limiting the hourly use.

Habits are hard to break, but try to break this habit.  Manners matter today like they did 100 years ago.  Basic courtesy still apply to every situation in our everyday life.  It’s common sense, use it even though we have the technology distractions.   Teaching your children today about proper life skills are imperative to a healthy society of tomorrow.


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