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A Father’s Death

How do we teach our children how to handle death?  It’s a tough one and every family has different rituals/ceremonies.  I received a text very early this morning that my close friend lost her dad.  My son turned on my phone this morning and ran upstairs to tell me with tears in his eyes.

Waterfall- Symbolizing my friends tears

Steps on how I explain Death:

I immediately tell my children this is apart of life.

I explain that he was old with a terrible disease.

I listen and answer all of his question with responses he can understand without frightening him.

Then, I let him listen to my phone call to my close friend.  I explained this is a very important call to immediately make and a condolence note will follow.  This is an example:

Dear Friend,

I am saddened by the sudden passing of your dad.  He was an extraordinary person who cared so much about you and your sister.  Please know that my thoughts are with you today.  I remember the time when your dad…Your father was an example to all of us.  I’m so glad I had the honor of meeting him.



Life Skills:  Teaching your children how to write a proper note will follow them throughout life.


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  1. darlene says:

    Thank you for sharing, difficult.

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