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Example: The Thank You Note

IMPORTANT PARENTS:   I want to make sure that all parents everywhere are having their children write, scribble or draw a thank you note.  A baby can write a thank you note.  The sooner we have our children write a thank you note the less likely a child will complain about it.

The thank you note is 4 lines.  Line 1,2, 4 are about the gift.  Line 3 is about something else(I had a wonderful time.  Great to see you.) To conclude write Love, Warm regards(first word always capitalized second is lowercase)Sincerely, Your friend, etc… complete with your name.

Here is an example:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for the gift certificate.  I have been saving to buy the new IPad.

It was wonderful sharing old times with you at lunch yesterday.

Your gift will really helps me towards buying the IPad.

Warm regards,



If you are a woman:  a folded card is lovely.  If you are a man, DO NOT use a folded card.  Your card needs to be on a flat, square cotton paper known as a correspondence card.

Ladies start writing on page 3 of the folded card(The bottom half of the card once opened, never, never on the back.).

Gentlemen: 4 lines written on the front.

Please do not have your children or you make pre-made thank you notes or fill in the blanks.  It shows a disrespect to the person you are thanking.  Plus, it’s tacky.


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  1. darlene says:

    Thank you! Important to know.

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