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Telephone Skills: Playdate appointment

Parents assume children know how to do this properly.  Have your child start by making their own playdate with another friend.

Telephone Etiquette for Children

•  Pick up the phone:  cell or home

•  Dial the telephone number correctly and explain area codes in Florida if this applies.

•  Have the phone ring at least 7-8 times.

•  If someone answers the phone, say “Hello, May I speak to Alex? This is Zach.

•  If Alex’s mom picks up the phone,  have your son explain why he is calling if the parent ask.

•  If Alex answers the phone, ask if he can speak(is it a good time to talk)then bring up the time, place and day of the playdate.

Parents, allow you children to do this as long as the time has been discussed first.

Remember to not call too early, too late, or during mealtimes.

Principles of Etiquette by Beth Geduld


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