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The Facts about Thank You Notes

A thank you note is written, addressed, stamped and mailed out immediately.  A thank you note is late after 10 days and shows non appreciation or leaves the giver wondering if the recipient ever received the gift.

A thank you note

Here are some suggestions of what to write so start writing:

Dear ….

Thank you for the beautiful glass vase.  It’s already on my dining

room table being used.  It is the perfect size to hold my favorite flowers.

I look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Thanks again,


Please note that an indentation is used for the first sentence, the conclusion(Sincerely, Warm regards, Best, Love, With love,etc…) and the person’s name.

Here is another example:

Dear Grandma and Poppy,

The check you gave me for my 5th grade graduation really helps me.

I have been saving a long time to buy a IPhone and your check is a big help.

I hope to see you both really soon. I love you.


Ben    (Please indent at the first paragraph, the conclusion and who is signing)

NOTE:   When sending a business thank you or a condolence note, an indentation should be at the first paragraph and the last paragraph.

On a Personal NOTE:  Crane is a classic.  Crane & Co is the only thank you note that I feel completely comfortable with.  Why?  It is 100% cotton paper which reflects a certain nobility and sophistication.  The company seems to gets it right without being too modern, too traditional or too boring.  This company is like a simple black dress or a blue short coat.


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