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Etiquette for our Teachers

Today, I was so relieved to find out that a teacher was not afraid to stand her ground and teach proper morals and values.  A teacher should be a great listener and a wonderful advisor to our children.  Parents need to support our teachers who continue to teach right from wrong.  Some suggestions on how to communicate with your teachers:

Teacher google artwork

•  Ask questions

•  Listen to the teacher, give eye contact

•  Turn off your phone!!!

•  Dress properly when seeing a teacher, it shows respect.

•  Speak respectfully to your teacher or your children’s teacher

•  Thank your teacher

Personal Note:  My son was so happy when he came home today because a teacher in his grade explained age appropriate behavior to the entire class.  Make sure you ask your children questions about different interesting topics that his/her teacher brought up in school

Examples:  Life skills, appropriate behavior for the class dance, being kind to your peers, etc… It may start a great conversation that is always needed with your children.

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