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Children’s ETIQUETTE: Win or Lose

Today,  is a day filled with remembering and having fun outside at the barbeque.  Let’s remember to pass the ball to everyone.

Parents, it is important today to remember to put sunscreen on and to explain good sportsmanship to our children.

Shake hands and Encourage

1. Pick everyone for the game

2.  Follow the Rules

3.  Don’t sit there and keep arguing with everyone including the referee

4.  Be considerate of everyone’s feelings…It’s for fun

5.  Thank everyone on the team and the other team

Good Sportsmanship

Winners are children who play well, have a great attitude and knows how to make others feel good too.

NEVER, Gloat or be too confident.

A successful popular child is a child that can be confident. A great leader leads is a fair  and friendly manner!


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