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Cellular Etiquette: The Man who Invented the Cellular Phone

Martin Cooper

Last night I was watching a news story on Martin Cooper…the man that invented the cellular phone.  He is 81 years old and he says PRIVACY as we know it is OVER.  At first, I was frightened for my children.  What will they encounter in life?  Identity theft? Inappropriate pictures?  Saying,  texting,  or facebooking something inappropriate?

Parents, the cellular phone and social media is only in its infancy stage. So, when you are out in public on your phone, set the correct example TODAY!

•  Step away from the public to take a call.

•  Excuse yourself from the table to take a call.

•  Explain to your children why you have to take a call over another type of call.

•  Raise the bar for your children so they Do NOT fall victim to this ever-growing PRIVACY invasion!


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