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Principles of Etiquette on Tipping

How much to tip?


How much?


When you go out to dinner , tip only on the subtotal.  Do not tip on the total.

Rule:  15% good service

Rule:  20% excellent service

At the Beauty Salon, couple of dollars for a wash.

Hairdresser gets 15%-20% usually

If you are unhappy with the service always ask to redo.  No need to get loud or cry,have your hair redone immediately.  Please do not feel uncomfortable to ask for this service.

Remember:  The owner of the salon should not accept tips.  Some owners charge more to get a cut from the salon owner. If the owner charges more money for a cut, do not tip!  If the owner does not charge more for a haircut, remember the owner keeps the entire amount of the charge.  Every relationship is different, every salon is different so tip accordingly.

Manicurist: 15-10%

Barber:  15-20%

Car Service Driver:  Ask when booking if tip is included

Bathroom Attendant:  $1-$2

Coat Attendant:  $1


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