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Nanny Etiquette: Train hard, Fight Less

What to do with your housekeeper/nanny?  The best saying is,”Train hard, fight less.”

It's not Alice from the Brady Bunch!

Written and Spoken Rules on the first interview:

• When it’s dirty, clean it up immediately

•  Garbage out immediately.  Keep all garbage containers clean(in and out of the house).

•  Spell out the rules of your house.  Don’t leave anything out on the first day.  Why?  Because a new broom sweeps clean and after that is what you got.

•  Provide cleaning materials.

•  Provide a schedule including:  breakfast, lunch,  dinner and break times for your family and the housekeeper.

•  Speak clearly:  Don’t scream, no need.

•  Do not expect for her to understand hints or reading your mind.  She won’t.  Expect no one has trained her properly, so you have too.

•  After a few days, critic her work.  Compliment what you like,  Spell out what she forgot or didn’t like.

•  Pay on time.  Never have your staff wait for their money.

•  You are in control.  If your guidelines are not met, dismiss your help immediately.


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2 Responses

  1. darlene says:

    Good advice. I did think she was already well-trained, but it’s always the little things and I have to remember it’s the big things like the care of my children that’s most important. I also try to remember that if I treat her with respect she’ll do the same for my children. It’s just tiring if I have to do the picking up of the little things overe and over that gets irritating. How many times do you have to remind?

  2. BethGeduld says:

    Write it down and Post it on the Refrigerator. Don’t be afraid. You are really in control!

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