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College Interview for the Student

When going for a college interview, make sure that you are dressed in a suit with nylons matching the suit or lighter.  Your shoes should be matching the color of your suit or darker.  Do not ever wear white shoes.  In fact, if you own a pair of white shoes, throw them out right now and replace them with a nude color.  Gentlemen, put on a belt that matches your shoes color.  Dress socks are a must. Hygiene is critical.  You can only make a first impression once and that occurs within the first seven seconds.  If you are sporting a tattoo or piercing, cover it up or take it out.

If your interview is at a restaurant, or you have been invited out for lunch NEVER:

•  order a hamburger

•  no pasta

•  no french fries

•  no ketchup or mustard

•  no ribs

•  nothing that the fingers are involved.

This lunch is about your choices and selections.  It is not about a yummy free lunch.  Order something on the menu that requires a fork and a knife.  Remember to always match each course with the other people at the table.


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