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Lesson Learned

I was placed in a very awkward situation with this extremely aggressive women who I am paying a tremendous amount of money to rent her house for my vacation.  I arrive at this beautiful house.  I pay in full for the rental and the first night there I realize that the local train blows its horn right outside the house I am renting… 8 times consecutively every hour on the hour since I have arrived.  These trains even blow the horns at 9:00pm, 11:00pm, 3:00am, 5:00am, 7:00am and so on and so on.  This is not disclosed by the advertisement which was placed by the owner, but the waterfall behind the house was placed in the advertisement for this house.

PROTOCOL:  When a person pays for a rental house, all must be disclosed including the negatives of the house.  At that point, a person will decide wether or not that is acceptable to them to rent the house.  The owner of the house is not obligated to give schedules or town happenings.

When a disagreement occurs with the rental, it is out of simple kindness and courtesy that the owner of the house try to accommodate the renters. We are a guest in your town, a paying guest in your house.  Etiquette and Protocol is to make a visitor in your town feel welcome!  So this women should have reached inside and pulled out as much compassion she could find and not place judgement on the renter(guest).

NOTE:  Never bring up personal attacks on the way someone looks, what they are wearing or a personal attack on what someone does for a living.

And to the woman who owns the house:  I am an Etiquette Consultant not a psychologist or counselor.


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