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My Journey began here!

Peggy and Beth recieving my certification at The American School of Protocol

I think Peggy Newfield is amazing.  The American School of Protocol has improved me.  This is where I received my certification.  She opened her house for about a week with intense training on etiquette.  I have access to the most informative knowledgable woman who has all the etiquette answers.  She is right up there shoulder to shoulder with Tish Baldridge and Emily Post.

Why do I say this, because I want to pass it on to everyone.  Etiquette is about life skills, manners and common sense.  Who doesn’t need this?

Part of having all of this training is not to be judgmental on people and their manners.  My journey beings.



What’s My Story?

I’m a mom and wife who cares very much about what my family eats and how my children respect others.  My passion is ETIQUETTE and NUTRITION.

My Boys

ETIQUETTE:  I am a certified Trainer from The American School of Protocol in Atlanta, Georgia.   I have graduated the John Robert Powers Modeling and Development School.     I had my coming out as a Debutante in South Florida.   I am a Chairperson of my Town and  a Contributing Board Member of several Institutes.  I am a hostess in my home to many U.S. Senators and Congressmen.

NUTRITION:  I owned a restaurant and bakery for 7 years that had seating for over 100 patrons.  I developed a delivery service while running the restaurant which expanded into a 25,000 square foot  food commissary with a fleet of delivery trucks.  I specialized in upscale catering and released a meals on wheels program that delivered certified pureed foods to the elderly. I have been certified in food handling and hospitality.  I worked for Legal Seafood in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and went through intensive restaurant training with this reputable company.

I am a native Bostonian and attended a University in Boston where I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management.  I worked for the Clairol Corporation, IBM and Head of Marketing at a South Florida Healthcare Company.

NOTE:  I am only an expert in being a mom that isn’t perfect, but everyday I try to improve my skills and my children’s knowledge of human decency and nutrition.


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Hello world!

I’m Beth. and websites are the ways to reach out to me.  What I want to do with this BLOG is start helping parents get great information about etiquette.

A resource for you.  I am privilege to have access to resources in the community and I want to share it.  Ask a question and if I don’t have the answer, I promise to get an answer one way or another.

Enjoy reading! Beth

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