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College Interview for the Student

When going for a college interview, make sure that you are dressed in a suit with nylons matching the suit or lighter.  Your shoes should be matching the color of your suit or darker.  Do not ever wear white shoes.  In fact, if you own a pair of white shoes, throw them out right now and replace them with a nude color.  Gentlemen, put on a belt that matches your shoes color.  Dress socks are a must. Hygiene is critical.  You can only make a first impression once and that occurs within the first seven seconds.  If you are sporting a tattoo or piercing, cover it up or take it out.

If your interview is at a restaurant, or you have been invited out for lunch NEVER:

•  order a hamburger

•  no pasta

•  no french fries

•  no ketchup or mustard

•  no ribs

•  nothing that the fingers are involved.

This lunch is about your choices and selections.  It is not about a yummy free lunch.  Order something on the menu that requires a fork and a knife.  Remember to always match each course with the other people at the table.


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What is having Good Etiquette?

Good etiquette is courtesy, common sense and grace.  How does one achieve this?

•  Never act like one has all the answers.

•  Making people feel comfortable with you.

•  Listening

•  Knowing guidelines before you go into a situation.

•  When not knowing the protocols, be polite, have a smile and some ideas about topics to speak about.

• Dressing appropriately.  Remember, having a designer suite does not constitute being dressed appropriately or better than someone else.  The person who dresses with confidence and the correct guideline(which there are guidelines) makes all the difference.

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Dress Code

I’m looking around in the area in which I have chosen to raise my boys in and it’s a long way from home in Boston.

Dress codes are different in every area, state, and country.  As parents, we should all open our eyes and set some guidelines:

*  Cover up your children -less is more.

My "boy" Model

*  Pants need to fit and should not be hanging down to the knees.

*  Try to use a belt if your child’s clothing is too big.

*  Always make sure the clothes are clean.

*  Clothes need to cover up the personal areas of the child’s body.

*  I am not for promoting big dangly earrings either.  This is a hazard for girls.  (My husband is a physician and one thing he finds painful is to repair an earlobe on a young girl or boy.  The tear is very difficult to repair.)

*  Boys- What is up with the earrings?  First,  it was in the left ear, now it’s in both, why?  Please don’t wear it to school.  Pay attention and read the school dress codes!

*  Hair- Clean, brushed and a little advice:  Wear some gel in school since it makes the hair look put together and it works to keep lice away.

*  Shoes- Toes should never be hanging out of the shoes touching the floor.  This is a signal that the shoes do not fit correctly.  If the sneakers are worn out, buy some new ones.  Shoes say so much about a person’s hygiene.  Keep in mind, once your shoes have been soaked in water, they start to smell.  If your soles are worn down, it is bad for the foot support.

*  Dress shoes- Make the effort when your children are going out to a nice event to wear dress shoes.

Please remember that having clean clothes and shoes does not require an absorbent amount of money.  Thrift Stores I love for clothes.  Plus, Burlington Coat Factory has shoes, suits and other clothing that is sold for a 1/3 of the price than Nordstrom’s.  It truly doesn’t matter where you buy it as long as it is clean and effective.

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What to Wear

In todays society, casual has become common.  Appropriateness is governed by the area in which you live.  As an adult when I’m not sure what to wear I go for a classic look of conservativeness:  Black, White or Neutrals.  If it is unclear about the attire, always feel comfortable and call the event organizer or the host/hostess of the party.  That is why the name of the host/hostess is always on the invitation.

When your children are invited to an event, keep in mind who is sending the invitation and how it is sent.  An example-  A school event for a boy: a pair of khaki pants with a nice button down shirt with a belt works everytime.  For a girl:  a skirt with a conservative blouse, but express your daughters personality with accessories.  As a BASIC RULE FOR ACCESSORIES:  once you place your accessories on, take one off.  Less always speaks more.

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