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Etiquette: Texting, Email, Cell Phone and all that Technology

Girl Texting

As a certified etiquette consultant, I am not going to tell any parent what to do or how to do it.   Protocols and guidelines need to be set today for behavior and life skills.

•  Make sure your children know that everyone sees what they are texting-ALWAYS- Know that words never go away and can be recovered even when deleted.  So when they text, have them make believe you the parent are reading the text before it is sent.

•  Have your children and you place a lock on their phone so no one sees your child’s calls or text

•  Protect your children with privacy settings on Facebook, MySpace, and iChat(Carefully read the instructions)

•  Never allow your children to have a computer in their room.  It’s much to tempting

•  Parents… is a website that allows you to learn the “web-language”

•  Protect your child against people and peers that intrude on their privacy.

•  Turn off the cell phone and computer at night.  Set the guidelines.

Technology is quick, exciting and fun when used properly.  Guidelines are needed so your children are not a victim of a privacy breach.


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Cellular Etiquette: The Man who Invented the Cellular Phone

Martin Cooper

Last night I was watching a news story on Martin Cooper…the man that invented the cellular phone.  He is 81 years old and he says PRIVACY as we know it is OVER.  At first, I was frightened for my children.  What will they encounter in life?  Identity theft? Inappropriate pictures?  Saying,  texting,  or facebooking something inappropriate?

Parents, the cellular phone and social media is only in its infancy stage. So, when you are out in public on your phone, set the correct example TODAY!

•  Step away from the public to take a call.

•  Excuse yourself from the table to take a call.

•  Explain to your children why you have to take a call over another type of call.

•  Raise the bar for your children so they Do NOT fall victim to this ever-growing PRIVACY invasion!

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Watch it, Teach it, Learn it

Watch it, Teach it, Learn it. That is what are children do everyday.  I read an article about cellphones behavior.  Cellphones have and are completely destroying us as a society.  We seem to not be able to ever put them down.  Many years ago,  we could turn it off or put it on vibrate for an appointment at the doctors, theater, food shopping, being with our children or family.  What happened? Blackberry has destroyed us and the IPhone has done us in.  Do you realize that we don’t look cool on our cellphones at lunch with a business associate or a friend?  Etiquette has gone right out the window.  Of course everyone knows to turn it off during important events, but how about the time in the car with you children or other members of your family.

If you’re not on call:  doctor, fireman, policeman, etc… Turn it off.  It can wait.  You don’t look important, you look rude.  Do you know a person is less productive for 20 minutes after an interruption from a cell phone call.  Today with our smart phones everyone knows you will have some type of stupid email-SPAM on it.  What is so important it can’t wait???

Our children are watching us so the next time you are at a school event or at the dinner table taking that call, you are teaching it.  “It” meaning the importance of that cell phone call over your child resulting in Learn it.  When your child is in school, at an event, driving, or out to dinner with someone the child has learned the poor behavior and bad manners.

Businesses have done studies showing that cell phone use has reduced productivity and are now limiting the hourly use.

Habits are hard to break, but try to break this habit.  Manners matter today like they did 100 years ago.  Basic courtesy still apply to every situation in our everyday life.  It’s common sense, use it even though we have the technology distractions.   Teaching your children today about proper life skills are imperative to a healthy society of tomorrow.

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Facebook Danger for our Children

Think before you let your child on.  If you let your child, you have to get an account too.  Keep an eye on your child’s Facebook page.  Have your child:

– Think before they post.

– Help your child set the Privacy setting.

– Never put private information:  age, DOB, location(No home neighborhood); basically, only the child’s name and sex.

– I would not allow anymore information.

– I would not allow a picture of a young child.

– Don’t make friends with people you or  your child don’t know.

A little fact:  160,000 teens skip school because of bullying.  Try to make it your point as a parent NOT to allow your child to take pictures of inappropriate behavior.  What is inappropriate behavior?

– Pictures of other children or of themself not dressed.

– Pictures of them in school or in class.

– Pictures of your child or another children with illegal substances including bottles of alcohol.

– Pictures of people who would not want to be photographed.

– NEVER post that you are out of town.

– NEVER post that you have won a million dollars.

– NEVER post personal problems.

– NEVER post with bad language.

– NEVER post to hurt another person.

Always have your child ask if it is OK to place the picture up on their wall.  I know nowadays, the best “BUZZ” is the controversial pictures.  Look at the T.V. shows:  American Idol with a mean judge, Biggest Loser, all the reality shows like Jersey Boys, all of it. Don’t let this behavior continue.  Social networking sites where originally made to share pictures to our real friends and family.  Since it has gone public, your privacy is now gone.  Even if you can’t share without becoming friends, a stranger can still see your friends.

An interview was done at a school in Florida where almost 100% of children in grades 8 and up have a computer, smart phone and are on some type of IT powered device.  They asked the senior class are they glad they went on Facebook.  It is to my understanding at this lecture I went to that the Senior Class feels they fell into a black hole and they can’t get out.  When your child is applying to colleges or on an interview.  Many times the interviewer will go on to Google, Facebook, or other social media networks to see what they find.

Children are having arguments now that are not face to face, but by types of social networking, i.e. texting, facebooking, myspace, iChat…So food for thought:  Your child comes home, had a great day with his/her friends.  Starts texting on an issue.  The person misunderstands what they say because they are not communicating face to face.  They are now not speaking to the other child.  That child shares the texts or posts and now the entire group of children at school know about it.  It keeps escalating and your child doesn’t want to go to school.  You call the guidance counselor.  NOW WHAT?

Parents:  When our children were little we watched them at the park.  When they get older in our “NEW” society, we need to watch them online.  It’s our job and our responsibility.  Law Enforcement is starting to develop new laws and someone’s child is going to be made an example of.  It has already started in Massachusetts and in my opinion,  it is going to snowball into all communities.

My Etiquette for Children:  Make believe parents or someone who your child respects(a teacher, Rabbi or Priest, the President) is watching and reading the post before you hit the send button!

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