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So many times I say thank you at school, grocery store, restaurants, doctors appointments, etc…I have noticed that very rarely do people say, “Your Welcome.”  A response to a thank you is appropriate to say a cordial response back, not a smile or a nod of acknowledgement.  That does not count.

Teaching our children to say thank and you’re welcome should begin as soon as our children understand a communication, a language.  Body language does not work in this situation.  Even if it hurts, respond to another human by acknowledging them.  No one gets a pass.


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Memorial Day


American Flag

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Etiquette: First Impression

Eye Contact   Eye Contact  Eye Contact

Our children must practice this everyday with you!!!  Parents, we must re-enforce this lesson.

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Children’s Magic Words-THE MAGIC WORDS

Let’s Get Back To Basics

Homework over the weekend with your children:

Let’s use the words all weekend and maybe it will stick.  I have a better idea.  Everyone in the family start using the “magic words” all weekend long even if you are upset at someone in the house.  Ready for the assignment:


“Thank you,…” or “No Thank you”

“Your Welcome,…”

“Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, “Good Night”

“Hi, How are you..”

“Excuse me”

“May I please…”

That’s all.  Please, Give it a try.  Have a wonderful weekend! Beth

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To Stand or Not to Stand…

A time-honored display of respect is to stand when someone comes to the table.  Please teach your children this especially when a person is older than you.  It is as important as placing a napkin on your lap or having your child learn early to place a napkin on his/her lap.  If someone comes to your house, the host/hostess must go to the door and greet your guest.  I had an event at my house with a US Senator.  I greeted him at the door and walked him in to my livingroom.  My doorbell rang and my child saw I was busy. To my surprise he greeted the guest with a welcome and a firm handshake. My child surprised me.  Children learn from example.

When someone leaves the table, you do not have to stand.

How about at the theatre:  Stand if you liked it, sit if you didn’t; however, if you are the only one standing or about to stand-Don’t do it.  You will block the other patrons view and that is not polite.

On a Train or Subway: your child should never give up his seat.  If you are a healthy adult and an elderly or sick person needs a seat…it is not only polite, but a human act of kindness to give up your seat.

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Why is it that everyone gives everyone kisses upon greeting one another?  Is it half of a European greeting?  Even our President kisses almost every woman that he greets, YUK!  I am not a big fan of the kiss on the cheek ever.  Even at a functions in my house.  What happened to a proper hand shake.  Does it make a woman less womanly?

If you are like me, extend your hand with a stiff arm and step back.  Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid so grin and bare it.  Quickly take a step back so the person can hopefully understand you don’t like it.

If that doesn’t work, tactfully tell that person you just don’t like kissing on the cheek and it does not reflect my feelings towards the person.

If that doesn’t work: tell that person you are getting over a cold.

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Children’s Greetings

“Hi, How are you?”

How does your children handle a social situation?  My boys are in elementary school and it’s not always easy in social situation. So this is what I try and have them do whether it is a peer or a parent:

1. If you are seated, stand up and say hello

2. Always smile!

3. Look the person who is greeting you in the eyes(it shows confidence)

4. Put your right hand out and shake the other person’s hand firmly(don’t joke and squeeze so hard. That will give the opposite affect)

5. Say “Hello, Mr./Ms. Last name”.. Ask them how are you or who are you?”

6. If a friend in school says “Hi”, make sure you say “hi, how ya doing back.”

7. If someone says something mean, walk away immediately. DO NOT ENGAGE.(very difficult to teach that part).

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