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When do I start eating?

When the hostess sits down, takes her napkin and places it on her lap.  That’s when you eat.  Do not touch anything on the table until then, including your napkin.


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Table Setting 102

This table setting is incorrect?  Why?  Whenever you set a table, a fork is married to a knife.  The salad fork always has a knife.  On the right side, a knife is missing.  Plus, where has the napkin gone?  Why is the soup bowl there?  This setting needs improvement.

This setting is almost correct.  The utensils are married, but the napkin?  The napkin should be on the left of the last fork or on the middle of the plate.

Finally, Emily Post gets it right.

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Children’s Casual Dining

Parents, we need to always set the table correctly for our children even if it is for macaroni and cheese.  I like to put the utensils, napkin and water cup in the correct place on a placemat.  The placemat can be the sticky plastic covers to a beautiful decorative placemat.  This should begin as soon as your child can sit at a dinner table.  The habits and memory will be instilled for life.

Incorrect setting

Extremely basic- Napkin would be on the plate or to the Left of the fork

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Table Setting

When we set a table, make sure that the fork is on the left and the knife is on the right.  The napkin is either on the plate or off to the left of the fork.

When looking at your place setting, one will know immediately what courses are to be served.

Example: Soup spoon is to the far right.  Soup is the first course.

The small fork(tens or times pointing to the right) and the spoon(pointing to the left) on the top of the dinner plate or charger means that a dessert  will include a cake with custard style cream.

The place setting is the unspoken code of the meal.  If you can read it, you can break it.

Life Skills:  Knowing what is on the menu will prepare you and ultimately give more confidence in your demeanor.

Perfectly Set

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