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Etiquette for our Teachers

Today, I was so relieved to find out that a teacher was not afraid to stand her ground and teach proper morals and values.  A teacher should be a great listener and a wonderful advisor to our children.  Parents need to support our teachers who continue to teach right from wrong.  Some suggestions on how to communicate with your teachers:

Teacher google artwork

•  Ask questions

•  Listen to the teacher, give eye contact

•  Turn off your phone!!!

•  Dress properly when seeing a teacher, it shows respect.

•  Speak respectfully to your teacher or your children’s teacher

•  Thank your teacher

Personal Note:  My son was so happy when he came home today because a teacher in his grade explained age appropriate behavior to the entire class.  Make sure you ask your children questions about different interesting topics that his/her teacher brought up in school

Examples:  Life skills, appropriate behavior for the class dance, being kind to your peers, etc… It may start a great conversation that is always needed with your children.


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What is Social Nutrition?

What is social nutrition?  Well, it’s defined and made up by me.  Today in Atlanta, I realized during my certification lessons at The American School of Protocol that my passion with etiquette and nutrition are to be combined as ONE.  I call it Social Nutrition which means being socially correct around food and there is food everywhere! Children love food.  Parents love food.  They love to eat it, play with it and talk about it.  It’s social.

My realization today, in this new age of social media in which we live:  children, moms and dads , parents, they still need to eat.  This will never change and I am so very passionate about both.  I’m not perfect with both etiquette or nutrition, but not one day goes by that I don’t try to learn and improve myself.  Society today has become derailed by poor USDA nutritional guidelines and socially disconnected even though we have the most technically advance connection devices ever.

Social Nutrition is my passion which I am making every effort to pass on to my children. (Just like an heirloom) My children understand when we are around a table(table manners/table etiquette) that taking our time eating what is on their plate(nutrition) comes together every single day of their lives.

Parents, we need to get informed and pass it down, NOW!!!  Fast food does not have to be bad, but we need to think how to get food fast.  Children are going to text, facebook, chat and email; however, we need to show them from the start what is right and what is wrong.

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Food Journal

WebMD has a wonderful food Journal to keep track of what you eat and what your children eat.

Follow the link and tack a peek:

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Grocery List

So here is my List that works for me.  I always have this in my house.

Lean Meats: (Read the labels, mom) We are looking for NO PROCESSING, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS, GRASS-FED.

Chicken Breast,Roast Chicken,Skinless Chicken Pieces,Chicken Cutlets

Turkey Breast, Ground turkey meat

Ground Sirloin

So if you don’t have time to go to the deli today to have the butcher slice fresh turkey and roast beef then go to the Publix counter and order:

Cold Cuts: Low Sodium Turkey,Honey Roasted Turkey,Ham(if you eat it)

Tuna in Water



Cod, Haddock,Flounder, Trout, wild Salmon (only), Tilapia(ask if the fish is corn fed…it’s a trick the USDA is playing on us.)  Don’t buy the tilapia in Publix. Only buy from Whole Foods. The tilapia farm that Whole Food uses feeds fish real feed, not corn.  Publix farms uses corn which make the fish high in Omega 6.  Not good.


Only Buy Fresh Produce: NO CANNED!!!!!!!!!!!

Broccoli, Baby Spinach(in the packages),asparagus, Lettuce,Cucumbers, tomatoes,cauliflower, onions, mushrooms,zucchini, potatoes, white sweet potatoes, carrots, celery

FRUITS: watermelon, grapes(2)/ freeze on packet, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges-navel & squeezing, kiwi, melons, bananas,plums,nectarines


Frozen Fresh Foods:

Shrimp, Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Peas(dual use for eating & muscle aches or bruises) mixed vegetables


Diary:  (I’m not a big fan, so here is my list)

1% Milk, EGGS (buy 2 dozen- I Buy EB, no hormones, no antibiotics. PLEASE take a good look at what kind of eggs your family is consuming!) Soy  Cheese -mozzarella , Regular cream cheese, Brummel & Brown Yogurt butter, Land O Lakes whipped butter, Activa Vanilla Yogurt, Plain Yogurt


Little Bottles of water for school lunches


Dry Goods:

Special K cereal


Multi-grain Bread

Multi-grain English muffins

Couscous, Brown Rice, Whole wheat paste(penne, thin spaghetti, and shells)

whole wheat pretzels

Granola Bar

Atkins- Fudge, peanut butter bars

EAS 17g Silver cover


Pillsbury dough cookie dough(whenever my children want cookies, I bake it so I have full control and they know its special)



Mrs. Dash original

Garlic powder, not garlic salt

Olive Oil

Pam spray-original


balsamic vinegar

Fresh Herbs- cilantro, basil, rosemary, chives



Applesauce(all natural)


NOTE:  I never buy candy, chips or any other ready made goodies.  They will come in by default.  On weekends when you go to the movies, parties, boating, beach or other friends houses.  Don’t worry about this part.  That’s what the popcorn, pretzel and cookie dough are there for.

REMEMBER:  This is for my family.  If you have other suggestions, comments please share on the comment section of the BLOG. If you would like the Grocery List in a different format, please Comment and Tell me.  I will change it. I will be giving more recipe ideas soon.

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The Menu-1

So Here is a sample of a menu.  It is really important to eat!!!!! Put a timer on your phone to alert you to eat. Make sure you have food in the refrigerator.  The first few days it is going to be difficult because you have to retrain your body.  By the way, I am a firm believer in real food.  Nothing canned, processed or pre-packaged.  That is being lazy.  Your body needs to detox completely and set a new routine.  Take a cooler in the car with you.  Food is suppose to rot.  If your food doesn’t rot eventually then you shouldn’t eat it.  Get it!

I stay really far away from SALT.  For a women it bloats me and my rings hurt on my fingers.  If and when I go out to eat which is on a Friday night or Saturday..I cheat with food.  I eat what I want, but I don’t eat till I’m full and I still ask for food cooked in olive oil instead of butter with NO SALT.

When I’m at the movies, I make clean popcorn and put it in a ziploc.  You have too.  The popcorn at the movies is like eating a whopper.  SOOOOO bad. Don’t do it.  Buy a bottle of $5.00 water(can you believe how much they charge.)

Sample Menu:

Breakfast – asap

Day 1.4.7 – 1 cup of cooked Oatmeal or 1 serving Special K or Total cereal with fat free milk

* Use 1 packet of Splenda if needed

* Use plain Quick Oatmeal

Day 2.5 – (3) egg whites with 1 cup of fresh vegetables

Day 3.6 – EAS or ATKINS Protein Shake


Please eat breakfast before 7:30 and 8:00 am, or earlier. This will give you enough time to get all the meals as well as the snacks in during the day

am snack:

Day 1.4.7 – protein shake

Day – a yogurt with fruit or

cottage cheese with fruit or

1 serving of unsalted raw nuts with 1/2 cup of fruit (no more than 1-2 servings of nuts or no nuts at all)

**no aspartame in the yogurt


Day 1.4.7 – (4-6 oz.) Chicken with any green veg and 1/2 cup of fruit

Day – (4-6oz.) Tuna or White Fish with a salad

pm snack:

1st pm snack:

yogurt with fruit or

3 oz. of white meat or

1/2 protein shake or

2 hard boiled eggs OR

1 serving of cottage cheese

2nd pm snack:

1/2 to 1 cup of fresh fruit








Any white meat ** Use chicken or white fish or tuna or turkey

** Try not to eat the same meat at lunch and dinner the same day

with a salad

Day – add a vegetable

Day 3.6 – add a regular size sweet potato or a serving of brown rice

After dinner:

Day – fruit

Day 3.6 – protein shake or 2 hard boiled eggs or 3-4 egg whites or 3-6 oz of white meat

Remember: I’m not a doctor, just married to one.  So if you are allergic to anything, just read the blog. This is a BLOG right! I’m giving information.

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Nutrition: How to eat

So like every mom, I have been trying to maintain or lose weight.  I’m not loving the gym.  It’s a struggle; however, I found this amazing nutritionist who knows what he is doing.  My mom has been with him for 3 years and has taken off 35 pounds and kept it off.  Why? Becuase she is eating.

I’m going to let you in on her bible that Derek Smith has given her.(He charges around $500.00 for the first visit) It’s expensive because you have to commit to seeing him for months at $35.00 a visit. He is worth it because the trick to keeping it off is having to answer to someone.  Not your husband or your best friend, but to a professional who clearly knows who you are.  Stress will keep weight on, not sleeping will keep weight on, trying to hard will keep weight on and most of all NOT EATING WILL KEEP WEIGHT ON!

So Take a look at this:


1. Make sure to drink 50 ounces of fresh bottled water in a

12 hour period for the first 2 days.

Day #3 and #4 drink SIXTY ounces of water in 12 hours

Day #6, and #7  you must drink at least 70-80 ounces per 12 hours

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not guzzle the water.

Drink 8-16 oz. every 3-4 hours

2. Do not restrict serving sizes when you eat.  Don’t weigh or

measure the food you eat.  Eat until your satisfied.

3. Your must eat every 3 hours the first 3 days

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the first 3 days eat every 3 hours

or hunger first

** If your not hungry and it is your scheduled time to eat, eat anyway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t eat this will not work.

4. Eat breakfast within 15 minutes of waking. You must

eat breakfast early……..(hungry or not).

5. After dinner, if your hungry then follow the suggestions on your meal plan.

** Remember being hungry is a great thing. If you don’t eat this can’t work.

6. White meat: chicken or turkey – white meat only

white fish- tilapia, mahi,

tuna – low sodium tuna in a can or tuna steak


IMPORTANT NOTE: Have 1 cup of hot tea in the morning

and 1 cup of hot tea in the mid afternoon


10. No Splenda/Sucralose etc……..

11.No alcohol


12. You must keep your SODIUM/SALT levels as low as possible

** Keep the EXTRA SODIUM below 300 mg. per serving added to

the base of your foods.  All foods have some level of sodium.

You must keep a watchful eye out for Dressings, Sauces, Spices,

and Food Preparation….

If you can prepare your own foods you will make progress at a 10 to 1 ratio.


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