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Grocery List

So here is my List that works for me.  I always have this in my house.

Lean Meats: (Read the labels, mom) We are looking for NO PROCESSING, NO HORMONES, NO ANTIBIOTICS, GRASS-FED.

Chicken Breast,Roast Chicken,Skinless Chicken Pieces,Chicken Cutlets

Turkey Breast, Ground turkey meat

Ground Sirloin

So if you don’t have time to go to the deli today to have the butcher slice fresh turkey and roast beef then go to the Publix counter and order:

Cold Cuts: Low Sodium Turkey,Honey Roasted Turkey,Ham(if you eat it)

Tuna in Water



Cod, Haddock,Flounder, Trout, wild Salmon (only), Tilapia(ask if the fish is corn fed…it’s a trick the USDA is playing on us.)  Don’t buy the tilapia in Publix. Only buy from Whole Foods. The tilapia farm that Whole Food uses feeds fish real feed, not corn.  Publix farms uses corn which make the fish high in Omega 6.  Not good.


Only Buy Fresh Produce: NO CANNED!!!!!!!!!!!

Broccoli, Baby Spinach(in the packages),asparagus, Lettuce,Cucumbers, tomatoes,cauliflower, onions, mushrooms,zucchini, potatoes, white sweet potatoes, carrots, celery

FRUITS: watermelon, grapes(2)/ freeze on packet, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges-navel & squeezing, kiwi, melons, bananas,plums,nectarines


Frozen Fresh Foods:

Shrimp, Cod, Haddock, Flounder, Peas(dual use for eating & muscle aches or bruises) mixed vegetables


Diary:  (I’m not a big fan, so here is my list)

1% Milk, EGGS (buy 2 dozen- I Buy EB, no hormones, no antibiotics. PLEASE take a good look at what kind of eggs your family is consuming!) Soy  Cheese -mozzarella , Regular cream cheese, Brummel & Brown Yogurt butter, Land O Lakes whipped butter, Activa Vanilla Yogurt, Plain Yogurt


Little Bottles of water for school lunches


Dry Goods:

Special K cereal


Multi-grain Bread

Multi-grain English muffins

Couscous, Brown Rice, Whole wheat paste(penne, thin spaghetti, and shells)

whole wheat pretzels

Granola Bar

Atkins- Fudge, peanut butter bars

EAS 17g Silver cover


Pillsbury dough cookie dough(whenever my children want cookies, I bake it so I have full control and they know its special)



Mrs. Dash original

Garlic powder, not garlic salt

Olive Oil

Pam spray-original


balsamic vinegar

Fresh Herbs- cilantro, basil, rosemary, chives



Applesauce(all natural)


NOTE:  I never buy candy, chips or any other ready made goodies.  They will come in by default.  On weekends when you go to the movies, parties, boating, beach or other friends houses.  Don’t worry about this part.  That’s what the popcorn, pretzel and cookie dough are there for.

REMEMBER:  This is for my family.  If you have other suggestions, comments please share on the comment section of the BLOG. If you would like the Grocery List in a different format, please Comment and Tell me.  I will change it. I will be giving more recipe ideas soon.


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