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Table Setting 102

This table setting is incorrect?  Why?  Whenever you set a table, a fork is married to a knife.  The salad fork always has a knife.  On the right side, a knife is missing.  Plus, where has the napkin gone?  Why is the soup bowl there?  This setting needs improvement.

This setting is almost correct.  The utensils are married, but the napkin?  The napkin should be on the left of the last fork or on the middle of the plate.

Finally, Emily Post gets it right.


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Well, Moms and Dads.  My boys are learning this now because it is etiquette.

When the toilet paper runs out.  Have your children understand how to remove the toilet paper carton and place a new one on the toilet paper spring holder.  It’s fun for children to learn, “how-to’s”.  Remember to compliment a job well done.  When your children are all grown up, this action will follow them for the rest of their lives.

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I have noticed a simple monogram jewelry piece that is very popular right now.  So, I ordered one, but not every sales associate knows the rule.

Simple Rule for a lady who is married:

Married lady places her married name in the middle(Large letter), the left side is the initial of her first name, the far right is the initial of her middle or maiden name.

Simple unmarried Rule:  First , then, middle, then last name initial in order.

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When it Drops

What do you do when your utensils or napkin drops on the floor?

Simply kick it under the table and ask for a new one.  Never pick it up.

It’s dirty on the floor.

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Nanny Etiquette: Train hard, Fight Less

What to do with your housekeeper/nanny?  The best saying is,”Train hard, fight less.”

It's not Alice from the Brady Bunch!

Written and Spoken Rules on the first interview:

• When it’s dirty, clean it up immediately

•  Garbage out immediately.  Keep all garbage containers clean(in and out of the house).

•  Spell out the rules of your house.  Don’t leave anything out on the first day.  Why?  Because a new broom sweeps clean and after that is what you got.

•  Provide cleaning materials.

•  Provide a schedule including:  breakfast, lunch,  dinner and break times for your family and the housekeeper.

•  Speak clearly:  Don’t scream, no need.

•  Do not expect for her to understand hints or reading your mind.  She won’t.  Expect no one has trained her properly, so you have too.

•  After a few days, critic her work.  Compliment what you like,  Spell out what she forgot or didn’t like.

•  Pay on time.  Never have your staff wait for their money.

•  You are in control.  If your guidelines are not met, dismiss your help immediately.

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What is having Good Etiquette?

Good etiquette is courtesy, common sense and grace.  How does one achieve this?

•  Never act like one has all the answers.

•  Making people feel comfortable with you.

•  Listening

•  Knowing guidelines before you go into a situation.

•  When not knowing the protocols, be polite, have a smile and some ideas about topics to speak about.

• Dressing appropriately.  Remember, having a designer suite does not constitute being dressed appropriately or better than someone else.  The person who dresses with confidence and the correct guideline(which there are guidelines) makes all the difference.

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Etiquette: Texting, Email, Cell Phone and all that Technology

Girl Texting

As a certified etiquette consultant, I am not going to tell any parent what to do or how to do it.   Protocols and guidelines need to be set today for behavior and life skills.

•  Make sure your children know that everyone sees what they are texting-ALWAYS- Know that words never go away and can be recovered even when deleted.  So when they text, have them make believe you the parent are reading the text before it is sent.

•  Have your children and you place a lock on their phone so no one sees your child’s calls or text

•  Protect your children with privacy settings on Facebook, MySpace, and iChat(Carefully read the instructions)

•  Never allow your children to have a computer in their room.  It’s much to tempting

•  Parents… is a website that allows you to learn the “web-language”

•  Protect your child against people and peers that intrude on their privacy.

•  Turn off the cell phone and computer at night.  Set the guidelines.

Technology is quick, exciting and fun when used properly.  Guidelines are needed so your children are not a victim of a privacy breach.

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Look Me in the Eyes and Smile

I teach children to always look me in the eyes and try to smile.  This is difficult, but makes all the difference in the world!  Parents, try doing the same thing.  You will be surprised how it comes right back to you.

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It’s the only food you may pick up with your fingers while dining.

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Principles of Etiquette on Tipping

How much to tip?


How much?


When you go out to dinner , tip only on the subtotal.  Do not tip on the total.

Rule:  15% good service

Rule:  20% excellent service

At the Beauty Salon, couple of dollars for a wash.

Hairdresser gets 15%-20% usually

If you are unhappy with the service always ask to redo.  No need to get loud or cry,have your hair redone immediately.  Please do not feel uncomfortable to ask for this service.

Remember:  The owner of the salon should not accept tips.  Some owners charge more to get a cut from the salon owner. If the owner charges more money for a cut, do not tip!  If the owner does not charge more for a haircut, remember the owner keeps the entire amount of the charge.  Every relationship is different, every salon is different so tip accordingly.

Manicurist: 15-10%

Barber:  15-20%

Car Service Driver:  Ask when booking if tip is included

Bathroom Attendant:  $1-$2

Coat Attendant:  $1


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