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What to do?

When food is in your mouth, when food gets stuck in your teeth or when there is a terrible piece of meat that is full of fat…What do we do?

Do not pick the food out at the table, excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

When food taste bad or is full of fat it is a bite more complicated.  Take your fork and put it in your mouth then remove the piece of food.  Place it on the plate.  Find something to cover it up since no one wants to look at a half chewed up piece of meat on the plate during dinner.


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Wait to Eat

Wait for Everyone

When you are dining with others, wait to eat even though the other person has asked you to “not” wait.  Under NO circumstances do you eat.  Let your food get cold. Do not leave that person behind at the table.

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Etiquette: Children Shaking Hands

Children Shaking Hands

There are wet hand shakes, weak handshakes, grip breaking handshakes, dirty hands handshakes, and many more.  A firm handshake with a warm, honest smile goes a long way.  People are judging our children on the way they look and carry themselves.  When a child gives direct eye contact with a thumb-locking grip, it shows your child is a force to be recognized.

Practice with your children.  Make sure the right hand is extended out, hold up your head so that your eyes are looking into the other person’s eyes, then lock in with your thumbs.  Engage your grip.  Shake once up, once down. Then release.  This is an American greeting that must be learned by everyone in America.   Keep practicing!

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